Wednesday, July 6, 2011

" Summer Fun Day"

The Summer Fun Day started off with the boys going off ranch to see “Transformers III”. What a great movie.
Then it was time for the DUNK TANK!!!! Tyler watches as the ball misses the target just a little. You can see it in his face that he thought he was going in the water.
Did someone say Pie Eating Contest?  Not using their hands didn’t stop these guys.

Armon was Victorious!!! I think most of it was on his face though.
Then he wanted more????

Then it was off to learn a new dance!!!!!  This was a great thing to be a spectator at, they really know how to get  their grove on.. Thanks to Sage Canyon for teaching the boys.

Nothing says summer like a nice swim in the pond. The temperature was perfect for a little dip.

Max and Drew made a deal to jump and the same time. I think Max really didn’t want to let go of the bar, but a deal is a deal.

Max taking some time to master the back stroke. 

The boys had a great day at DRA today and most all of them stopped me to let me know how much they appreciated the day.. Thanks to all of the staff for putting on such a fun day for the boys…

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