Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lava Falls Mentors and their Leader

From the Left: Austin, Aj, Dominic, Kyle, Reece, James, and Junior.
Striking a Pose!

Standing Proud! Our Mentors have made a big impact on the other students in both Lava Falls and Stone Ridge Campus'.

Ricky Dias with His Mentors.

One shepard. Ricky is one who leads by example.
  “One thing I remember best about Provo Canyon is the experience encountered when driving around a bend near Vivian Park—to meet on the road a large herd of sheep. Have you ever seen a sheepherder in one of our western mountain canyons directing the sheep? He is usually at the rear of the flock, slouched down on his horse, sound asleep. And doing the work are half a dozen small dogs yapping and barking at the heels of the sheep. He is a sheepherder. 
        "A few months ago in Munich, Germany, I saw a true shepherd. There he was with staff in hand, singing, walking in front of his flock; and the flock followed behind him. When he turned to the left, the sheep turned to the left; when he went to the right, they went to the right. There were no dogs barking at the heels of his sheep. They indeed knew their shepherd and were following the pathway he took.” (Pathways to Perfection, p. 93.)  (Story by James R. Moss)

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