Thursday, December 23, 2010

CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING CONTEST!!! The Lava Falls boys enjoyed some friendly competition against the Stone Ridge Campus in decorating a Christmas tree!

The BEFORE picture of our wonderful creation!

Sometimes you just need to sit back and think about what move to make next. Christmas tree decorating can be a difficult task.

This was the first phase of putting on decorations.

What to do next? That is what Casey was thinking :)


Now ThAt Is SoMe CrEaTiVity!

Time for the LIGHTS Ladies and Gentlemen!

THat Is A THing Of BEAuty!

We had all the Boys stringing Marshmellows....It was a funny sight.

Dan had to make sure everything looked perfect!

Ow Braden....what more can be said!

Anybody hungry?

Dan took charge of making things happen! Alec and Nick also put their input in!

Now that belongs on a Hallmark card!

Eli loves MR. Snowman!

I am speechless!

Zack and Mr. Snowman are obviously best buds!

Myles and his picture perfect smile!

Pondering childhood memories.

Dan F and the finished tree!

Mr. Snow getting a "Head Ride" from Braden.

Tis the Season to be Jolley...who is more Jolley....Braden or Sean?! Or is it JAKE!

Aww, how cute! In a very manly way ofcourse!

Here is what the boys wanted the finished product to be, however some minor updates have been made since. Give the boys a ROUND of APPLAUSE!

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