Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure

As we were driving through the woods looking for a Christmas Tree we stumbled upon this tree that was already decorated. It was hilarious!

After we had our laughs at the other Tree we started on our quest to find our own and this is how it went.

Once we found the perfect tree it was time to cut it down.

To encourage the tree to fall a certain way we ties some cord to it. Here is one of our Stone Ridge boys giving it a tug.


Cutting the tree down was a success! Now for the real task of getting it to, and on the Van!!

The boys did a great job! Thanks to Brigham our Stone Ridge Director we were able to get it there! This tree was a MONSTER!

This was the easy Part! There is no turning back at this point.

Kyle and his basketball coach! Preparing to conquer the impossible!

Troy, Brig, and Kyle are wondering what they got themselves into!

As you can see this tree was nearly as big as the van! All the boys were thoroughly excited about getting one of the biggest trees we could find!

Now for the Impossible!

Almost There!

After much diligence we got it on there!

Some of the boys were wondering if this is legal, so just in case you are wondering here is our tag:)

     Our Christmas Tree Adventure was a great way to start off the Holiday Spirit! The boys had a great time playing in the mountains. Once we returned we talked about gratitiude and what we all had to be grateful for over the Holidays. I was impressed with some of the feedback I received. The common denominator that was expressed was Gratitude for the opportunity to change their lives and have healthy relationships.

Happy Holidays!!!

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