Thursday, December 23, 2010

CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING CONTEST!!! The Lava Falls boys enjoyed some friendly competition against the Stone Ridge Campus in decorating a Christmas tree!

The BEFORE picture of our wonderful creation!

Sometimes you just need to sit back and think about what move to make next. Christmas tree decorating can be a difficult task.

This was the first phase of putting on decorations.

What to do next? That is what Casey was thinking :)


Now ThAt Is SoMe CrEaTiVity!

Time for the LIGHTS Ladies and Gentlemen!

THat Is A THing Of BEAuty!

We had all the Boys stringing Marshmellows....It was a funny sight.

Dan had to make sure everything looked perfect!

Ow Braden....what more can be said!

Anybody hungry?

Dan took charge of making things happen! Alec and Nick also put their input in!

Now that belongs on a Hallmark card!

Eli loves MR. Snowman!

I am speechless!

Zack and Mr. Snowman are obviously best buds!

Myles and his picture perfect smile!

Pondering childhood memories.

Dan F and the finished tree!

Mr. Snow getting a "Head Ride" from Braden.

Tis the Season to be Jolley...who is more Jolley....Braden or Sean?! Or is it JAKE!

Aww, how cute! In a very manly way ofcourse!

Here is what the boys wanted the finished product to be, however some minor updates have been made since. Give the boys a ROUND of APPLAUSE!

CAN DRIVE!!! A group of boys helped bring happiness to those who are in need during this time of year! Good Work Boys!

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

As you can see, Steven is a big fan of cereal!

I think Eli found a new LOVE.....Helping Others that is!

Parker made things happen! What a HARD worker!

advancements 12.23.2010

Nick Advanced to the Supervisor level this afternoon! This is him giving his speech!

Congratulations Nick! Keep up the hard work bud!!!

Brendan anticipating the results of his advancement to Supervisor! And the results are......

Gooood!!! Congratulations Brendan!

Wait for it... Wait for it...

Gooood! Kyle, my newest graduate!!! If anyone has earnied it he has!
Happy Holidays!!! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping!!

Today we took some students down shopping and got some decorations for the big building and the new Christmas tree(coming soon to the blog). They found these silly hats and wanted to take a picture with them on! I love to see the students in the holiday spirit.
Some of the guys were trying to pull off a tough guy elf! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Pictures

As I was working in my office I started missing my son at home, so I decided to go around and take pictures of some of my boys. I had a really fun time with all of them. I apologize for not getting everyone. I had so much fun I definitely plan on doing this more often.
Here I am giving Nick a hard time!

Jeff getting ready for Media Club!

Abraham and Brendan in History class! Brendan getting into the Holiday Spirit!

Austin smiling for the camera. 

Life is Good!

Look at that Cheesy Grin!:)

Colton smiling for the camera. Can you tell that he is nearly a foot taller than me:) Hilarious!

Austin helping me set up a Graduation.

Simon one of my Graduates. I got this one unexpectedly!

Brian, Nick, and Abraham helping me set up a Graduation. Nick snuck that one in on me:)

Zach smiling for the camera.

Brandon pauses his school work to give me a smile!

Mitch my most recent upper level.

Great Picture of Nick!

Braden smiling for me while we set up a Graduation.

Lookin Good!

Eli lookin content. I tried to some teeth in that smile:)

Brandon gives me a thumbs up after me giving him a hard time!:)

Christian W in Math giving me a smile. He was helping fix the flash on the camera!!
I was wondering around with a camera and got some good pictures! I thought I would share them with you all. Enjoy! I am excited for my next camera adventure! Next time I will try to get more pictures:)
Happy Holidays!!!