Monday, September 6, 2010


There are a lot of talented students at Diamond Ranch Academy. There is a wide range of ability that these students possess. I decided I wanted to put a few of the poems that some of our students have written, on the blog this week. Our first one comes from Forest. Forest is a good athlete, and recently we discovered he  also has a knack for poetry. Below is a poem Forest wrote which he read at a former student Ben's graduation titled "Fearless Ben". Enjoy!

 "Fearless Ben"

Charge forward, fearless Ben.
Even if you do look as young as ten.
Into the void and the shadow land.
Charge forward with sword in hand.

Do not look back, not even now.
For fear of falling down somehow.
But even if you seem to fail,
Again set your course, set your sail.

Through the waves and storms you'll go,
Trials that only you will know.
Night will fall and the sky'll be black.
Courage then, you cannot lack.

Lost and cold you may give up,
And the world will look quite corrupt.
"Enough, enough," you may say.
"I will succeed, I'll find a way!"

Then up once more, you'll stand and rise, 
But for this you won't receive a prize.
You must keep going, you must be strong.
The path is rough, the road is long.

And then one day you will be there,
That place for which you dearly care.
You've made it now, you've made the mend,
But this is surely not the end.

Charge forward, fearless Ben,
You may even face a hundred men.
Into the depths of the lion's den,
Into the jungle full of quicksand,
Charge forward, with sword in hand.

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  1. What a beautiful poem, what great insight into the world after DRA, continue writing poems you have a great talent!