Thursday, June 3, 2010


The weather was nice so we did advancements out by the upper pond! This week we had quite a few big advancements, we had 4 students get Graduate, 1 get Director, and 1 get Manager. I'm always impressed with the speeches the students prepare and the things they accomplish as they apply what they learn at Diamond Ranch. I decided to share one of our advancement speeches from today, so you can get a feel for how impressive our students are!

          "Today is a great day. I'm finally going up for Graduate! I have learned more at the Director level than any other level about myself. I am a leader, a friend, and most of all a mentor. I have found myself to be doing things that I would have never thought possible without DRA. Before the home visit, I wasn't sure about how I was going to deal with my addiction. It seemed to be all that I could think about, but I was determined to succeed and overcome. When I arrived home something was different. It is hard to describe, but it seemed as it did when I was a kid. I was happy! Everyone was getting along and having so much fun (something I never though possible without drugs). There was a single moment in which I looked over at the smiling faces of my family and right then I had an epiphany: I never wanted to use again. With this weight off my shoulders, I realized something about myself. I can accomplish anything with determination, love, and hard work.
        With these essential factors, I have found that I have accomplished a personal affirmation: balancing work and play. When I first came to DRA my whole world was revolving around "having fun." I simply didn't have any work ethic. At Director I have discovered that work is the key to the door of success. Once you have that key, the door is your gateway to a happy accomplished life. Simply put, work comes first. There have been many instances where I would have rather played than stay buckled down to a most difficult task. In the end, I have learned to bite my lip and get the show on the road.  Probably my biggest change here at Diamond Ranch was to learn this important life lesson.
        Although I feel accomplished, I still have many goals and personal kinks to work out at the Graduate level. The motto of Graduate is to "Serve Others." As this is a motto for the level, it is a motto of my life that I really need to take grasp of. Before going home I have already made a commitment to finish the 10th grade. Although I would much rather go home and play, this has been an important affirmation of mine, and the work needs to come first. i also wish to become one of the best O&A Mentors. All in all I've accomplished a lot of work. I've made changes I've desperately needed to make, and I'm very confident when I say that I AM GRADUATE MATERIAL!"

Here's another quote from one of the other speeches:

"I finally feel secure with who I am. This took a ton of time to achieve. I've learned to stand up for what is right, without worrying about what people think of me. As a white personality this hasn't been easy, but I feel it is my biggest accomplishment."

                          The Student Advancement Team (Ben and Chris)

                                            Dan, our newest "Director"!
                                            Shawn, our newest "Manager"
  Jerrad, Ben, Chris, and Brendan, our newest "Graduates" look out O&A !!

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  1. I'm reading the Advancement Speech as I prepare to talk to my son during our phone visit. I look forward to reading another great speech from my son! Congratulations!