Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is your student the next "DRA Idol"?

Recently Diamond Ranch Academy held its own "DRA Idol" on the boys campus....the kids loved it and it was fun to see the talent here at the ranch. Rumor has it that the girls campus is hosting their own idol and wants to challenge the boys campus winners and crown one "DRA Idol"! We'll be sure to keep you updated! Here are a few pics from the the tryouts!
Meet the judges!

Jarred dazzling the judges

Shamsi trying to throw out some charm

Richard and Rex changing things up with a duet!

Chris and Brandon showing us their "Yellow" side in more ways than one!

Brendan showing off his lungs

George and Andres gettin into it!

Ben and Vincent bringin' in instruments and a homemade capo!

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