Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They're Back!!!

Today was a big day for a few of the students on the boys campus, as the mentor dorm was reinstated and students were selected to be in the mentor dorm! Ricky, Travis, and Brigham held a meeting and discussed with the boys what it means to be a mentor and why they were selected as such. All of the students that were selected were given the opportunity to decline the position..... but all accepted! These boys were selected to help mentor students in the dorms and in school groups who are struggling.We are very proud of our students and the changes they are making at Diamond Ranch. Here's a few pics of the mentors...unfortunately not all of the Mentors were present for the pics as some are on home visits.

From Left to Right: Omair, Chris, Ben, Daniel, Eric "Thor"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Students of the Month!!

Daniel and Ben were selected as the Lava Falls "Students of the Month". They went with their Campus Director, Travis, to St.George and went to Honolulu Grill for dinner (their first time ever trying hawaiian food) followed by watching Avatar in 3D!! Pretty sure neither of the boys blinked during the movie! Keep up the hard work Daniel and Ben!

The students of the month from both campuses!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is your student the next "DRA Idol"?

Recently Diamond Ranch Academy held its own "DRA Idol" on the boys campus....the kids loved it and it was fun to see the talent here at the ranch. Rumor has it that the girls campus is hosting their own idol and wants to challenge the boys campus winners and crown one "DRA Idol"! We'll be sure to keep you updated! Here are a few pics from the the tryouts!
Meet the judges!

Jarred dazzling the judges

Shamsi trying to throw out some charm

Richard and Rex changing things up with a duet!

Chris and Brandon showing us their "Yellow" side in more ways than one!

Brendan showing off his lungs

George and Andres gettin into it!

Ben and Vincent bringin' in instruments and a homemade capo!

Monday, January 4, 2010

"How do you eat your Reese's?"

Last monday the Stone Ridge and Lava Falls Campus Directors, Brigham and Travis, did a combined activity and invited some of the upper level boys and students who were doing well that week to join them. The Directors shared a message about standing up for what's right, and keeping an attitude of optimism. Afterwards, they all played games, and last but not least....shared how "they eat their Reese's." Here are a few pictures from the activity.

Extreme Hot Potatoe!

Omair from Stone Ridge and Dylan from Lava Falls were the victors from their Campus's and squared off in a final game......It was pretty intense, Omair pulled off the victory.

Travis joined in, and despite his confidence in his Hot Potatoe Skills, was eliminated pretty quickly.