Thursday, November 5, 2009

Diamond Ranch Academy Boys campus volunteer service project

The local food cannery requested some students from Diamond Ranch Academy come and help them with a canning project.  The cannery calls about once a month.  Historically, our students have proven to be hard, respectful workers.  They follow the directions and guidance of the cannery workers.  This is especially important as they are working around food!  The boys today worked just as hard and diligently as ever!

Today they made applesauce.  The cannery works from scratch.  The students cleaned and cut the apples.  They apples were then moved to a machine the "flash steams" them. When they are done (it only takes a couple minutes) they are then fed into a puree machine that strips the skins and leaves behind the meat and juice. Then the sauce is dumped into a large pot where it is boiled.  After the sauce is boiled it is poured into cans.  The cans are taken to a machine that seals the tops.  They are taken to another part of the cannery where the cans are given a "bath".  After the "bath" the cans are labeled (all by hand) and boxed up for shipment.

These cases of applesauce were donated to the local food bank.


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